Price guide

 ・Admission charge(with 1 hour stay) 900 yen
 ・Further extension per 30 minutes  400 yen
 All drinks are subject to extra charge. It is not compulsory to order drinks.

Drink Menu
  ・Coffee 200yen
  ・English tea (black or milk ) 200yen
  ・Camomile tea 200yen
  ・Apple tea 200yen
  ・Cappuccino 300yen
  ・Cocoa 300yen
  ・Green tea latte 300yen
  ・Iced coffee 200yen
  ・Iced English tea ( black or milk ) 200yen
  ・Orange juice 200yen
  ・Oolong tea 200yen
  ・Iced cocoa 300yen