Introduction of the cats


Brown cat 4 brother and sisters

すもも"Sumomo" (means Japanese plum) male

すもも すもも すもも

He is the biggest of our cats.
He has a stern face.
But he often rests on the customers' legs

Mixed breed / 6.9kg
Birthdate : May 2008

なっつ"Nattsu" (means nuts) female

なっつ なっつ なっつ

She is funny and naive. She is weak in cats fights.
She sometimes keeps rolling out her tongue.

Mixed breed / 5.1kg
Birthdate : May 2008

もか"Moka" (means mocha) female

もか もか もか

She has drooping eyes. So she looks sad.
She has allergies to tuna, pollen, and so on. So she licks too much. That’s why we put clothes on her.

Mixed breed / 4.4kg
Birthdate : May 2008

なでしこ"Nadeshiko" (means fringed pink) female

なでしこ なでしこ なでしこ
She has baby face and beautiful green eyes.
She is awkward in eating and drinking.

Mixed breed / 3.9kg
Birthdate : May 2008

Orange cat 2 sisters

みるく"Miruku" (means milk) female

みるく みるく みるく

She eats a lot. So she is fat.
She is popular with the other cats. She is like a mother of the cats.

Mixed breed / 4.7kg
Birthdate : May 2008

ばにら"Banira" (means vanilla) female

ばにら ばにら ばにら

She has a short tail. It’s by nature.
She is the most popular with our customers.
She is a moody cat.

Mixed breed / 3.9kg
Birthdate : May 2008


Brown cat

ふたば"Futaba" (means sprout) female

ふたば ふたば ふたば

She likes to bask in the sun.
So she is often at the window. And she likes to rest in the cage.
She sometimes fight with “Tampopo” and “Moka”.

Mixed breed / 3.4kg
Birthdate : May 2008


Brown and white cat 3 brother and sisters

ゆず"Yuzu" (means citron) male

ゆず ゆず ゆず

He is very shy. So he is called ‘shy prince’ by our regular customers.
But his behavior is sometimes humorous.

Mixed breed / 5.1kg
Birthdate : May 2008

たんぽぽ"Tampopo" (means dandelion) female

たんぽぽ たんぽぽ たんぽぽ

Her face is similar to a fox.
She is slim. And she has quick reflexes.
She likes to rest on a cat.

Mixed breed / 4.4kg
Birthdate : May 2008

ひまわり"Himawari" (means sunflower) female

ひまわり ひまわり ひまわり
She is said that she is the most beautiful.
She has the pink ears.
And She has complex pattern.

Mixed breed / 4.2kg
Birthdate : May 2008